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Website design and web designers near me-Sarasota,Manatee,St.Petersburg

If you came to this page, you did it because our team at Gulf Office Technologies knew how to get you here.  Do you want us to lead your potential customers to visit your web page? We can help you!

Below are common questions/comments our past customers have had.

  1. My brother in law’s half sister made our business a website and nobody calls for our services or products?
  2. We have such a “beautiful” website, but never get any leads?
  3. Can you just build our website from scratch..and for a fair price?
  4. We are a small local Southwest Florida business, how can a website yield a high return on investment?
  5. Our website company is in another state or country, and they don’t understand our business(in the Tampa Bay area) well!  And they always seem to nickel and dime us to death to do anything to our web page!

Local website design near me

In the internet world, just sharing the same planet can mean local website design.   Our headquarters are in Sarasota, FL.  We restrict our website services to West and South Florida(From Tampa Bay to Naples on the West Coast, and Orlando south to Miami on Florida’s East Coast).  The main reason is the culture and population of South and West Florida is very diverse.  If you haven’t lived here for a while, it’s tough to understand.  Our team has lived on both coasts(Tampa Bay, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice), the Midwest United States, and New York City.

We understand buying and selling habits of many Native Floridians, West Coast snowbirds(from the great lakes region, Mid Atlantic, and Upstate East Coast), Florida’s East Coasters from New York/Northeast.  Furthermore, we understand Florida  has a vast ethnic diversity from South America, Central America, and the Caribbean(Just to name a few).  Let our diverse website designers help grow your company’s online presence!

Website design cost and return on investment

You have probably seen people from India or China offering to build your website for $399. Well, we could do the same, but be forewarned…read the fine print.  On the other hand, we have seen simple website designs cost $15,000!  We are not kidding.  This was a local Sarasota-Bradenton business, who uses the same images on a boiler plate web page template. Not to be crass, but what is that show called, “Are Your Smarter than a 5th grader?”  Our team will provide you with a high return on investment, at a price that a small business can afford.

One on one website design consulting

We firmly believe that you should know your website designer.  We would love to come meet you for a face to face or telephone consultation, never any obligations.  Furthermore, your website designer should listen to you, and relate to you as a person.  If you ask us how we can help with your website, we should not answer, “Well, we institute high level html schema, lightbox enhancement, and SERP upward mobility.”  In case you wonder, this means we use our tool box to make you a friendly website, which will attract more customers.

Internet marketing, web marketing, lead generation-From Tampa Bay to Naples

What exactly is web marketing and internet marketing?  Well, there are about 100 ways to define these.  Is it Facebook and Twitter marketing? Is it making a pretty website?  Is it getting great reviews on yelp? At Gulf Office Technologies, we say it depends….on our customer’s marketing needs and budget.  We are a small local West Florida based company too, and we understand that you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to get business leads, exposure, and collect critical customer data.

Business lead generation in West Florida

As a small business, there is one thing we must do to make money…generate new business leads and maintain current customers. We must also make the return on investment worthwhile for our customers.   From Tampa Bay to Naples, there are a wide variety of business owners, decision makers, and consumers.  You have native Floridians; snowbirds and transplants from the Midwest, Northeast, and Atlantic Coast, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and South America(among many others).  Although there is some overlap, each group has a different set of values, needs, and wants. To make things even more interesting, each potential customer is generally either a meticulous buyer, spontaneous purchaser, or somewhere in between.  Our team has years of experience working with all of the above types of buyers(and sellers) in West Florida, including overcoming Spanish language barriers. Can an out of state or international company generate local business leads, affordably?  Examples of our potential customers are:  Attorneys, medical, “mom and pop” businesses, retail, real estate services, travel, and the service industry(Just to name a few).  Please, let us earn your business!

Marketing and Customer retention service:  Are you losing customers?

Barring a major catastrophe, no companies should  be losing customers at a high rate.  All of us felt the pain of the “great recession,”  and only a handful of us kept going.  We used many of our customer retention techniques, along with other marketing methods, to stay afloat during this horrible time, so we could thrive during the good times.  Most customers will tell you why they left you, but few tell the truth.  We know how to get the truth, then provide you with actionable information on how to PREVENT loss of current customers.  It’s not rocket science, but you need to decide to contact us first.

Web marketing: Customer confidentiality and non compete assurance

  • We deal with very sensitive business information.  Any information you choose to share with our web marketing team, is guaranteed to stay only your business’s information.  In addition to offering a fully secure https encrypted website and secure on site and offsite servers, our team is prohibited from leaving our secure office with any company information(unless approved by the customer).

Furthermore, it is very bad marketing business to serve 2 companies in the same close industry, and with similar goals.  We would rather make a little less money, by not taking on a new customer that will compete with our current customers.  For example,  we guarantee to have only 1 Sarasota Chiropractor, 1 Tampa Chiropractor, and 1 Fort Myers chiropractor.  And no, you will never be dumped for a higher paying business with similar marketing goals to you.  We believe in repeat customers, referrals, and being able to sleep at night.

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