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Multifunction printer and copier leasing

Gulf Office Technology offer your business a wide array of leasing options for copiers and printers.  Since one lease does not fit all, we have designed several leasing programs to benefit your business.  Let us know which one you choose!

2 big copier lease misconceptions

I can’t lease a used copier

You can lease a used copy machine.  We have been leasing the for years.  Actually you can lease used copiers at a much much better price versus leasing a new copier.

If I don’t lease, I can’t get copier service.

Many times potential customers call or email us after we have sent out the office equipment proposal.  They are wondering how in the world we can get their copy machine fully covered(ie. parts, labor, toner, drums etc.) if they pay for the copier printer up front.  We tell them that the copier industry has made service cost equal to copier lease payment, because of the way they have been packaged.  Anyhow, you can get all inclusive service on your multifunction copier printer, whether or not you lease, buy with a check or credit card, rent, or win one on the price is right.

Copier leasing-Fair market value

FMV or Fair market value copier printer leases come in many forms and give you just about any option you want.  Please remember that fmv copier and printer leases can vary from company to company.  The average fair market lease allows you to pay a lower monthly payment, but you get 3 choices at the end of the copier lease.

End of fmv copier lease options

  1.  You can purchase the copier or printer for 20 to 30% of the cost of the lease.  This is usually not the best decision to make financially, but makes sense in a few instances.
  2.  You can return the multifunction printer to the leasing company, plus the cost of freight.
  3.  You can upgrade or downgrade to a new copy machine lease.

Common printer copier lease terms:  How long do I lease?

It mainly depends on how much you want to pay and/or how long you want to keep the copier machine.  The main fmv copier lease terms we see are: 36 month, 39 month, 48 month, and 60 month.  The shorter the term, the more you will pay on your monthly copier payment.

  • For example, a doctor’s office has been in business for 10 years, and plans on another 20.  He wants to get a expensive commercial grade color copier because he has wants to print educational material.  In this case, a 48 or 60 month copier lease would be a good idea.
  • Example 2:  An attorney has it all planned out to retire in 3 years, and only needs a mid grade black and white copier that scans/prints/faxes.  She should go with a 36 month lease, and return the machine at lease end.

Copier printer leasing: $1 buyout

The other main type of printer lease is the $1 buyout at lease end.  You have 1 option at lease end, keep it for $1.  This type of copier lease is very similar to a rent to own program.  All time frames of leases are the same as fmv, but the 12 month, 24 month, and 36 month are very common.

Example:  Jim is an accountant.  He knows he wants a decent copier printer machine, but he needs the cash flow for operations.  Instead of fronting $4000 for a multifunction copier, he does a 12 month $1 lease.  He pays $430 per month for 12 months, then he owns it.

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