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Purchasing or buying a printer copier for your office

Purchasing a copier for your office can seem like a bad idea, because of the initial cash outlay.  At our company, we couldn’t disagree more, because our multifunction printers and copiers are affordable.

Used office multifunction copier printer purchase

When many people hear “used copier,” they tend to say, “I don’t want a refurbished copier printer-a refurbished machine is someone else’s problem.”  From most other companies, that is correct, but purchasing a used multifunction printer from us gives you peace of mind, and peace of wallet.

Benefits of purchasing our used copiers and printers

  1.  The used copier price is at most half of the new version.  These machines can easily save you $3000 plus.
  2. All of our used copiers and printers have only 4-6 months usage on them.  This is based on the 1/2 the copier manufacturers’ recommended monthly prints allowed.  Basically, these machines have around 90% of their useful lives on them.  So, if a useful life is 700,000 prints or copies, then this machine has only 7o,000 prints on it….pretty nice, and really, will you ever come close to 700,ooo pages?
  3. We only obtain copier printers we know were under a full service contract.  This means the copy machine will be in pretty good condition from the get go.  If any multifunction printer isn’t, we send it back.
  4. All of our all in one copiers receive a thorough 80 point inspection, cleaning(usually only a little is necessary), replacement parts(when needed…at this point in a copiers life, very few…if any parts are slightly worn.)
  5. Copier printer service and warranty:  We have no financial interest in placing beat up, old copy machines.  If we did, we would be out of business due to excessive service calls, excessive part costs, and NO referrals.  Our printer copier warranty is comprehensive including all toners, drums, parts, labor, travel, firmware updates, paper trays….We take pride in NO HIDDEN FEES, and we will guarantee it.
  6. We guarantee our copiers and printers will perform the way we said they would, for a minimum of 5 years.  If not, we will fix it or replace this office machine in like and kind.

Reasons to purchase our new multifunction copier printer

  1.   While 90% of our copier sales are used, some must have “new copy machines.”  Many large companies will buy new copiers because the CEO or IT manager doesn’t want the perception of used machines, because this will be the first thing they get blamed for when a copier jams or makes lines(normal for new copiers and used alike).
  2. You can have a much bigger sum of money to depreciate.  I’m sure there is a business situation for this somewhere.
  3. Franchises or home offices demand new office equipment only

The problem with a new office copier purchase?

  1. New copier printer dealers buy in bulk.  If they don’t sell them before the next photocopier model comes out, they won’t even offer you the newer machine…you will get the older at the same price.
  2. Most new copier models have not been thoroughly tested in different business settings.  Hence, you become the parakeet in the mine.  When a defect is found, you will wait and wait, while your business is crippled…until there are enough complaints to find the retrofit or solution(used copy machines already have the solution or retrofit). By the way, if you read your new machine copier service contract, it probably says you need to pay for this “retrofit.”
  3. New machine cost:  It will cost you double the amount of money to buy a new copier versus a used copier.
  4. Most new copier dealers are behemoth corporations, who don’t give a darn about you, and good luck getting worn out in court with them.
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