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Used multifunction printer copiers for offices-Florida’s Suncoast

All of our lightly “used” commercial multi function copiers have:

  • only 4-6 months usage on them(This is 90% of a copy machines useful life!)
  • savings 60% off new copiers…which often equates to at least $3,000+ in office savings
  • Full, all inclusive warranties, which are BETTER than new copier printer manufacturer warranties and service
  • Long term copier replacement guarantees, and local highly trained copier printer technicians
  • Our locally owned and operated company must sell or lease you the best used copy equipment, because we must service it. How can we make any money if we put out machines that have constant copier printer service calls?

OUR lightly used office equipment: Common questions and answers

-Below is a sample of concerns our business customers have had before they purchased or leased a used copier machine from us.  If these don’t answer YOUR questions, please contact us, and we will sit with you and answer as many questions as you would like, no obligation, no pressure.

Question 1:  Why would my office buy your used copier printers, when I can just go to my local office store, and buy a $200 color printer?

Answer 1:  Our calculations shows that, if your entire office goes through more than 2 packs of paper per month(1,000 sheets of paper), our all in one printers will cost you much less per year. Why? Because the small desktop copier printers eat you alive with toner cost.  Also, because the cost of a throwaway printer drum is 500% higher than ours…and please remember…most machines are color, so they have 4 drums and 4 toners!  Finally, how many times have you seen the little plastic paper feeder break, or constant paper jams?  Can you afford to ship your printer to a repair center in Dallas, and wait 2 weeks without a printer or copier?

Question 2:  Why do I want to buy or lease someone else’s refurbished copier problem?

Answer 2:  We only sell and lease office machines, which have very low usage(approximately 90% of their useful lives on them). We never sell “refurbished copiers,” because they were refurbished for a reason(not a good one).  Most of the multi-function copiers we re-market, were on a short term lease and under a comprehensive service contract.  We are a smaller local company, so we can cherry pick the best of the best.

Question 3:  What if the printer copier is a lemon?

Answer 3:  We replace it in like and kind for FREE.  Specifically, we have no financial interest in selling and leasing businesses inferior copy equipment, because we have to maintain these office machines.  If we sell or lease a copier with problems, we will have to come fix it more often…not good for anybody.  Furthermore, ask yourself…have you ever seen a new copier “lemon?”  We have…Well, let me tell you that even new copiers aren’t thoroughly tested prior to being released.  They are pushed out to the public, and you are the guinea pig.  Think back to the airbag recalls with past automobiles…Nothing was fixed until people died. Same principle here, except the stakes are your business scanning, printing, copying, and faxing coming to a standstill.

Question 4:  What kind of warranty comes with your “used office copiers?”

Answer 4:  Our warranties and service agreements go above and beyond new copier warranties.  We cover all parts and labor, toners, drums.  Common items that new copier dealers leave out, that we do cover:  paper drawers, travel charges, networking charges, fuel surcharges, toner delivery charges(even when you don’t order toner), miscellaneous charges hidden in the equipment lease.

Question 5:  My “new” copier company says that parts become unavailable on used copiers and printers?

Answer 5:  Copier parts will become obsolete quickly, if we sell you an ancient copier.  Telling you that your parts are becoming scarce is a ploy to get you to buy or lease another copier.  The fact is most copier printer models use parts from older multifunction copier models.  As long as your service agreement is active, we guarantee to have your parts available for a minimum of 5 years.

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