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Local IT company services-Venice-Sarasota-Bradenton-St.Petersburg

Is your Suncoast area office network to small for a server, but too big to handle yourself?  Our experienced local IT professionals can help.  We can either come to your office or remotely fix many office network and computer problems.  We specialize in small office and home networks including computer cleaning(malware, virus removal, tune-ups), computer network setup, network security and backups, and in person software training.  You only pay for what we repair, no long term contracts.  All of our rates are affordable and guaranteed.  For any server based networks, we partner with a reasonable and reputable local company, just ask us. We also specialize in home computer services.

Local computer cleaning: malware removal, virus removal, computer tune ups

Sometimes your computer is running slow, you are receiving pop ups, or it doesn’t even turn on.  You google your computer problem, only to cause more problems.  You call the local nerd squad at the office store, and get nowhere.  You call us, and we are there within 4 business hours.  Alternatively, we can remotely log on to your computer and help remove the malware or virus in as little as 1 hour.  We also give a FREE  “tune-up” your computer.  Although we love to make money on computer service calls, we teach you how to avoid future computer and network issues.  Hopefully, you will refer us to another business.

Small business network setup

Many small businesses think they can just plug their computers into the wall and your network is setup. Others say they don’t need a network, they have a hub or a router… Nothing is further from the truth.  Small business network architecture, if done right, is a powerful way to streamline your business processes and protect your confidential documents and secrets.  Did you know that if a network is setup incorrectly(very easy to do)you may have the following problems:  loss of internet, unable to scan or print, confidential files get shared with anyone on your network, loss of email, email and network malware and viruses, etc….the list goes on.  For a fair price, our local computer technicians can take care of this for you.

Securely and automatically backing up your critical data

Many offices say they don’t need a backup data service.  Some just buy an annual subscription to an online backup system.  Others just think their extra hard drive or thumb drive will backup their critical data.

There are pitfalls to these and many data back up systems.  If you use an online backup system, how long will it take to fully restore lost data?  24 hours, 48 hours or more?  Can your business run like this?  Furthermore, what if their cloud server loses your data?  What kind of compensation or recourse can you expect.  Well they are probably located in Utah or Bangalore, and the contract says all disputes must be done there.

As far as external hard drives…These things are not reliable at all.  Unless they are solid state hard drives, they have a limited shelf life.  The answer lies in redundancy.  You need a fair service provider who can regularly backup your data, recover lost data quickly, who is locally operated and owned, and understands redundancy in network backups.  Let us earn your business!

Local IT support services company, on-site and Remote Support

Turns the traditional IT helpdesk on its head, offering proactive remote support and network monitoring for your systems, detecting and fixing problems before they happen. Gulf Office Technologies is also very affordable and flexible.

IT and the cloud

The new era is a cloud first, mobile first world. Businesses are moving to the Cloud because they need mobile working and flexibility. Gulf’ IT Cloud services allow you to tailor your Cloud solution to the needs of your business, and has a full variety of optional features to bring tangible benefits to your business. Cloud IT support can be daunting, but Gulf will be there offering advice every step of the way from initial design to full user support. Gulf Office Tech’s Cloud IT services are broken down into three levels of support, each designed for different business needs.

Hardware and software training/installs

Whether basic or complex,  Gulf Offc. Tech. helps you with  installations, software training, hardware training, and much more.  All technicians are people friendly, and speak YOUR language.

Fully-managed IT-Florida’s Suncoast

Offering the greatest level of IT support, fully managed support takes away the pain of running your own IT, with regular on-site support and 24/7 network monitoring.  If you want your network on “lock down,” consider managed IT.

Affordable IT solutions for Florida’s Suncoast

Low cost IT solution suited to businesses with smaller footprints and needs, where you can choose what you want in the Cloud and IT is delivered a la carte, as a service. Either we can help you choose the best IT services, or you can choose what IT support is best for your business, while saving money!

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