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Copier Printer Rentals, Leasing, Repair-Local IT Support-Sarasota, Manatee, St. Petersburg

“You Can Trust Us To Do The Job For You!”

Office Copiers, printers, scanners, faxes

  • I need an Office copier quote now.
  • I want to lease a copier printer scanner fax.
  • I want to rent a copier printer scanner or fax.
  • Can I lease a used printer copier?
  • I hate copier leases and would like to buy one
  • I pay way too much for my printer copier lease! Help!
  • I don’t know, just contact me!

Office equipment repairs: copier, printer,scanner,fax

  • My copier printer is jamming or my prints are ugly.
  • My printer won’t print or scan.
  • I have an error code.
  • I’m stuck in a long term printer service agreement, and need help cancelling it
  • Our business is moving to the Sarasota area and need a printer service agreement
  • Just help me fix my printer copier, I am in a hurry!

Sarasota Copier Printer rentals

  • My copier contract is expiring, and I want an affordable printer quote
  • We need a short term copier printer rental for our job site
  • My business is new and I don’t want to be tied into a long term printer contract
  • Our business credit is not good because we are new or had a charge off
  • I am planning on selling our business, but don’t know exactly when, so I need a month to month printer agreement

I wish our company would have found Gulf Office Technology a few years ago!  Steve is great with service and has saved us quite a bit of money!

R. Winfree, Sarasota FL

These young men are true professionals. Service is always promptly and courteously provided. When there was a printing issue regarding an important event for the Church. They were right there to deal with the issue. Many thanks for a job well done. Thank you.

We received 2 printer copier lease quotes from other local copier companies, and I was in a pinch.  We had been burned in the past by lease's "the fine print," (like we had to pay for toner when it said "all supplies included, and a monthly toner shipping charge, even when I didn't order toner!  I was tired of having a monthly copier lease payment the size of a luxury car.   Steve came by one morning, and offered a 2nd opinion for the copier lease.

2 hours later, I received the copier lease rental quote.  It was very detailed and the copier service agreement fine print was included .  It looked to good to be true.  It was a little over half of the competitors' lease rates!  We took a chance, and 12 years later, we are still customers.

Thank you!


Copier rental, printer rentals-long term, short term

Whether you are a small local Sarasota business, large corporation in St. Petersburg, or your company is visiting the suncoast, we can help with any copier rental or printer rental need!

  • Low cost, all parts-labor-service-toner included all multifunction copier printer rentals
  • Flexible all inclusive short term printer copier rentals for events, construction sites, and conventions
  • Most printer copier rentals can be fully networked so you can: Scan documents fast, print in high quality laser black or color, fax from your PC or MAC…just to name a few
  • All printer copier rentals include everything: Toners, drums, all parts and labor, paper trays, toner, shipping costs, etc.
  • We believe you should never pay a hidden fee on any printer or copier rental!

Copier lease and printer leasing- Sarasota, Manatee, St. Petersburg

We have your needs first for copier leases and printer leasing.  Do you feel like you are overpaying for a copier lease?  Do you just want one printer lease payment, and not have to worry about the rest?  Do you feel helpless with your current copier printer lease?  We can help YOU!

  • Flexible copier and printer leasing for any size business
  • We are fully transparent so you do not have any hidden fees or surprises
  • We do not believe in “tying you down” or trapping you in a copier printer lease
  • You choose what you lease you want, how much you pay, and what is included, we just show you all of the options.
  • Lease a wide variety of multifunction copier printers scanners: Konica Minolta, Kyocera-Mita, HP, Ricoh, Samsung, Canon, and Copystar.  Plus more!

Copier Leasing and Printer leases-Sarasota,Manatee,St. Pete-We Help You

Printer leasing and copier leases can cause a lot of confusion and stress business owners, office managers, and CFO’s, just to name a few.  Gulf Office Tech’s goal is to help you with a printer lease agreement from start to finish(Actually, most of our customers’ “finish” is when they either retire or sell their business, because we keep our customers happy for life!).  We take pride in helping you get out of a bad copier lease, returning the printers and copiers to the leasing company, putting you into an affordable printer lease that is usually FIFTY PERCENT LOWER than your old copier lease.

Purchase an all in one copier printer

Question 1:  “Why would I purchase or buy a color office copier for $10,000?”
Answer:  “You shouldn’t!”  This is why are office printer copier prices are usually less than half  of this cost.

Question 2:  “If I purchase a copier printer, do I still get a warranty, or copier service?”
Answer:  ” Yes, you simply purchase the printer service agreement separately.”

Question 3:  “I really need an explanation how purchasing a copier is different from leasing or renting a printer copier”
Answer:  Call us or send us a request and we can listen to what you want, and we don’t tolerate pressure sales or expect an obligation…we just lay out copier and printer purchasing options and let you decide.

Used office copiers, printers, scanners, and faxes

So you don’t want to pay a ton of money for your office copier printer, but you are a little leary of used multifunction copier printers.  You don’t want a refurbished copier, because you don’t want anyone else’s problem.  We agree!  Around 90% of our customers choose lightly used office machines…and yes, you can lease a used copier. 80% are repeat customers.  Many refer us to their friends… Why?

  • We have no financial incentive to sell “junk.”  We are obligated to fix any copier printer we sell or lease, and we don’t want to waste our money with constant service calls.
  • Our lightly used copier printers are not refurbished or reconditioned.  They are end of lease machines with around 80 to 90 percent of their “useful” life on them.  Think them as the demo car you buy for thousands less.
  • All printer copiers are current technology, and guaranteed to do the job for a minimum of 5 years.
  • We use an 80 point inspection on every all in one machine.  Yes it takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Let us show you how much money we can save your Sarasota area and St. Peterburg area business.

Multifunction copier and printer repair and service

Doesn’t it always seem like your copier printer has problems when you can least afford them?  Well, unfortunately we are a long way from copier printers that never have paper jams, lines on copies, malfunction codes, dirty copies.  Furthermore, now that “copy machines” are so complex (because they do so much like print, scan, fax, save images on hard drives, search for pdf’s etc.), you need highly trained copier experts for you multifuntion copier printer repair and service.  Hence, we offer you:

  • 17 years experience fixing digital copy equipment
  • average 4 hour copier service response time
  • preventative office machine maintenance to “prevent” further downtime
  • highly trained copier printer technicians, who have a vested interest in fixing it right the first time
  • unlimited lifetime end user support for those under a copier service contract
  • full range of office machines serviced: Konica Minolta, Kyocera-Mita, HP, Samsung, Ricoh, Copystar, Canon, Toshiba, Xerox, and Lanier etc.

Konica minolta copier printer repair includes:NEC, Oce, and Imagistics


Although we service many different brands of copiers and printers, Konica minolta repair is one of our specialties.  Many Konica minolta multifunction copiers also cross reference as NEC, Oce, and Imagistics.

  • Highly trained konica minolta copier and printer technicians keep your all in one’s moving
  • Highly skilled konica minolta techs keep your networked office machines printing and scanning
  • Our fast response time ensures that your konica minolta is attended to quickly, not in 3 or 4 days.
  • our first time repair rate for konica minolta copiers is almost 98%

Office Printer Repair-Venice to Sarasota to St. Petersburg

Let’s face it, office printers can be a pain.  They give error codes, paper jams, lines on your paper, toner rubs off the paper, and on and on.  Most of the time, you think they are unfixable, or too expensive to fix.  The fact is, most office printers are quite easy and cheap to repair.

  • Our highly trained printer service team will get you going quickly and for very little cost
  • If we don’t fix your office printer, you don’t pay us
  • All of our printer repairs are guaranteed
  • While we service pretty much any make and model of office printer here is a short list:  HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Xerox, Samsung, Lexmark, Ricoh, Brother

HP printer repair-Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, St. Petersburg

Whether you are a small business in Sarasota, or a large corporation in downtown St. Petersburg, we can help. We keep your HP printers running at an affordable price.  Printers always seem to break when you need them most.  We understand your need for speedy printer service.

  • Our highly trained HP printer technicians can tackle just about any printer problem
  • Whether it’s color or black and white, small or large printers your are covered
  • Fast response to help with your HP printers
  • Fully guaranteed HP printer repair and maintenance

Network Security for Business on the Suncoast

With all of the hacking, wikileaks, email viruses etc. you should be a little frightened.  Just remember, if you are correctly protected, your chances of having your network compromised are less than being struck by lightning.  We can help protect your business network with a few simple steps.  Do you trust a company in India or Russia to protect you?  Does Sarasota/Bradenton/Fort Myers/Tampa Bay sound a little more comfortable?

  • Malware, Ransomware, Antivirus continuous protection
  • Email phishing, firewall enhancement
  • Speedy Data backup and recovery
  • Affordable and thorough Network protection 24/7

Small Business Networking and IT support

Does your Brother in law’s cousin’s boyfriend manage your network, and you can’t reach him?
Does your current IT company tell you what you should be doing on YOUR computers,  and you can’t even add a printer without calling them?
Are you locked into a long term contract?
We can help…..

  • Per call on site or fast remote network management from a local suncoast IT company
  • Affordable rates
  • Short term contracts or a per call basis, your choice!
  • Easy and efficient server based or workgroup based networks
  • When your network or computer is not working, we fix it fast!


Copier Printer Service Repair,Rentals,Leasing in the Sarasota-Manatee-St. Pete Area: Examples of Businesses We Service

Real Estate Offices, Property Management Offices, Home Builders, Vacation Rental Offices, Hotels and Motels, Commercial Real Estate
Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, Chiropractors, Insurance offices, Dentists and Dental Services, Mental Health Services
Financial Institutions: Financial Advisers, Banks, Mortgage, Accounting Firms and CPA’s, Tax Services
Plumbing and Air Conditioning Contractors, General Contractors, Electricians, Landscaping and maintenance services, Manufacturing
Non profits, Churches, Religious Organizations, Schools, Synagogues, City and County Government
Attorneys,Large Law firms, Lawyer Offices, Legal Services
Marketing firms, Advertising firms, Technology services
Tourism Industry, Food Services, Restaurants
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